Youth Manifesto 2018: Bold New World

A Forum Celebrating the Year of Zayed

Youth 2018: A Bold New World

Paris-Sorbonne University

23rd January 2018

with Emirates Foundation, Harvard Business Review and Sky News Arabia


The forum theme song performed by the celebrated singer, Zain Awad

+ AMP: An art exhibition celebrating Sheikh Zayed and his message to the youth

Panel 1: Technology Panel

Moderator: Jared Grogan

Singularity Studies, Special Advisor: NYUAD

Expertise: AI, Augmentation, Advanced Robotics, Internet of Everything, 3D Printing, Synthetic Biology, Virtual Reality

Panelist: Britt Spyrou, Spouse of the Australian Ambassador

Panel 2: Media Panel

Moderator: Chantal Saliba

News Anchor, Sky News

Expertise: Broadcast Journalism, Political Science, Economics.

Saint Joseph University of Beirut


Panel 3: Ethics Panel

Moderator: Dr. Franziska Apprich

Professor, Canadian University Dubai

Expertise: Media consultant, Journalist, Filmmaker, Creative Director, Producer, Composer

Panelist: Anne Russell, American Community School

Lina Hourani,  Director of CSR at Al Ahli Group

Fatema Al Hameli, Mechanical Engineer, Abu Dhabi Space Agency

Panel 4: Entrepreneurship Panel

Moderator: Laura Toma

Managing Partner, The Improbable Agency

Expertise: Education and SME Consultancy

Panelists: Lina Hourani – Director of CSR at Al Ahli Group

Maria Pearson – Founder,

Taleb Al Hashmi  – Founder, TBH Consultancy

Hanane Benkhallouk –  Founder, Sustain Leadership


8:30-9:30 – Onsite Registration

Emcee: Omar Al Busaidy, Author and Motivational Speaker

9:30-9:45 – Welcome Statement

Eric Fouache, Vice Chancellor, Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi

Sana Bagersh, CEO, BrandMoxie and Founder of Tamakkan

9:45-9:50 – Year of Zayed Song Performance by Zain Awad

Celebrated Jordanian SInger

9:50-10:10 – HBR Key Indicators by Hadi Malaeb

Vice President, Conferences and Events of Haykal Media

10:10-10:30 – Plenary Discussion: Emirates Foundation CEO Maytha Al Habsi

facilitated by Alan Marzo

10:30-11:10 – Plenary: Media Panel with Chantal Saliba of Sky News Arabia (Arabic)

News Anchor, Sky News

Technology Panel with Jared Grogan of NYUAD (English)

Singularity Studies, Special Advisor, NYUAD

11:10-11:25 – Break

11:25-12:05 – Entrepreneurship Panel with Laura Toma

Managing Partner, The Improbable Agency

12:05-12:45 – Ethics Panel with Dr. Franziska Apprich

Professor, Canadian University Dubai

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