Smart Cities: Blockchain

ABU DHABI, UAE – A gathering of UAE based and international cryptocurrency experts advocated the creation of a unified platform to connect developers, business, the government to enhance the adoption of

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How to Find Happiness by Owning Your Success!
Beautiful Nature Norway natural landscape.

How to Find Happiness by Owning Your Success!

Recognizing the Success Paradox and Avoiding Stereotype Traps By Sana Bagersh How many times have you heard, “She is so successful, I don’t know how she does it”? Or “I wish I could be wealthy like him”? Do you ever think about what ‘success’ means to you? Is it driving a fancy car? Owning a big house? Running your own business? Working for a large company? Is it marrying into wealth? Working for a social cause? Running a charity? I’ve

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The Abu Dhabi International Poetry Festival Launched

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, March 10, 2015  - In recognition of the UAE's rich tradition of oral storytelling and poetry, the capital will host the inaugural Abu Dhabi International Poetry Festival on March 19, which will bring together some of the world's leading poets, such as well-known Americans, Patricia Smith, Kane Smego and G Yamazawa, to participate in a


Start 2015 with New Beginnings: Tamakkan January 2015

When people aim to become successful role models in their societies, they should be aware about the various elements that have the potential to lead them to success and superiority. The elements that can make our dreams come true include: strong well, hard work and positive thinking. Elements such as seminars that empower entrepre An event with the title: “New Beginnings: Kick Off 2015 with a Bang!” took place on Tuesday at Al Mamoura auditorium under the patronage of Fatima bint Hazza Cultural