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Latifa al Hamed - Profiles

Latifa al Hamed

Enterepreneur | Founder Inspired Artists
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Crayon in hand, Latifa Al Hamed started her creative exploration early in life. Now a confident 20-year-old, this young Emirati has made a fun side business out of painting and selling Tom’s shoes. In fact her artsy shoes have caught the whimsy of young girls in her community and she’s already amassed a beeline of back orders.
Latifa says she is the most creative amongst her siblings. “Art has always been a constant in my life ever since I was a little girl – I always had a box of crayons around and I always tried to make sure I coloured within the lines.” She said it was this love for art that motivated her to set up a business called ‘Inspired Artists’.
So what inspires a this young artist to become an entrepreneur? Latifa says her grandfather was definitely her biggest inspiration. The businesses her grandfather set up span a wide range of industries. “His success story is what encouraged me to dream. My grandfather started small working at a bank. Look at where he is now, he’s a successful, well- known and highly respected business man.”

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