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Jane Samson - Profiles

Jane Samson

Managing Partner True Evolution LLC
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Jane Samson MSc, CPCC, Executive and Team Certified Coach is one of a few professional coaches based in Abu Dhabi who holds advanced certification and experience in coaching. As a published author, senior leader and as a successful entrepreneur, Jane has rich experience in working with people and organisations to develop executives and team abilities. The development of potential in people has always been Jane’s passion.
The fundamental basis from which Jane works is that of ‘Strength’.
Every executive needs an objective sounding board, it is ‘lonely at the top’. Jane is an excellent listener providing a non judgmental opportunity for executives to access pragmatic solutions that deliver value creation directly to the executive and to their organisation.
Jane creates a safe courageous space which enables executives to counteract the natural propensity to avoid difficult truths about themselves. Confidential executive coaching enables executives to access new ways of thinking, feeling, behaving, and relating to others to build organisational effectiveness. Whilst in parallel developing their strategic thinking skills, and business results delivery.
Typically the reactionary world of day to day business, business gets in the way of professional development. When working with Jane executives are reminded of their focus. This practice shifts executives to a reality that initiates creative and strategic action for the future of their business, as apposed to being simply reactionary.
Jane is passionate about people and organisational success. Her success is built on her ability to attain the baseline measure, clarify the goals and objectives, and enable clients to attain and maintain the sustainable high performance they seek.

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