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Amal al Agroobi - Profiles

Amal al Agroobi

Director | Producer
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Amal Al-Agroobi began acting for theater at the age of 5 in all her school plays until she graduated. Before she went into filmmaking, she completed a BSc in Biomedical Sciences and an MSc in Neurosciences in London. Her love and passion for film led her to scurry out of university courses to get onto film sets when she had the chance. She graduated in 2009.
In 2012, she finally left the field of science to pursue her love for film and produced her first short Half Emirati (2012), which premiered at the Dubai Film Festival. Amal is half Emirati as well and wanted to speak about the social implications of being mixed race in the United Arab Emirates which was a taboo subject. The following year she completed a feature length documentary about autism, The Brain That Sings (2013) also exploring the sensitive natural of children with disabilities in the Arab world.
Amal’s films are a voice for social change in the Arab world. Her films have altered perceptions and created awareness by changing legislative laws in the United Arab Emirates in regards to the subjects she tackles after her films are released.

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