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Abdullatif Alsayegh - Profiles

Abdullatif Alsayegh

CEO | Founder Alsayegh Media
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A modest yet ambitious dream-chasing entrepreneur who continuously aims to contribute to the stability and progress of the Arab world. Through tireless work and limitless dedication, endless possibilities are unlocked for the youth, who carry the hopes of a brave new era.
Founder/CEO at Alsayegh Media: Alsayegh Media is the UAE’s first fully integrated communications and marketing agency. It innovates visionary solutions for a diverse clientele, by consistently staying in sync with the market evolution and global developments.
Founded and headed Arab Media Group, a semi-government agency encompassing 9 radio stations, 3 daily newspapers, 3 TV stations, Outdoor Advertising, Events, Direct Marketing, Printing Press, Distribution and more under its gamut.

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