Giving a Voice to all Women in the Economic Environment

The international business environment has welcomed women and there are more women in senior roles now than at any time in history.

About this Event

Women around the world are changing the way business is being done – from building bridges between countries to innovating industries and international relationships. With women redefining their ecosystems and pushing boundaries, we are seeing changes on an individual, societal, economic, political, and international level. How do we empower more women to join the business sector, communicate their achievements better, and continue to use their unique skills to innovate and build tomorrow’s world?

Join an initiative by Elite Business Women in partnership with Andreea Groenendijk-Deveau, a London-based entrepreneur and award-winning communicator.

The Agenda

Building a woman leader is a long, sometimes challenging journey – from finding your inner strength to surrounding yourself with the right people – how do we set ourselves – and others – up for success? How do we get into the right mindset and stay there in order to thrive long-term?

Women are innovating in business around the world – however, the glass ceiling has stayed in place in so many fields. How do we push for women’s voice to be heard in all industries and business fields?

Mentoring, coaching, and self-development – the role of always seeking to develop your skills

Networking – tips and tricks to build a winning network and paying it forward.

Cultural differences – going international and finding common ground with people from different cultures and countries. How do you build a successful international business?

Empowering women in business – the definition of this ever-present concept is different around the world, and it requires a different degree of support from society as a whole, politicians and the business environment.

What will the post-Covid-19 era look like for women in business?


Bianca Tudor, Founder & CEO, Elite Business Women. WBAF Senator

Raluca Culda, Owner ZoomHR, HR Consultant

Sana Bagersh, Government & Institutional Advisor in Strategic Comms, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Sharesz T. Wilkinson, Forbes Councils Member and Strategic Advisor

Silvia Dulgheru, Director Business Development, Trainer/Coach Women Leadership


Andreea Groenendijk-Deveau, entrepreneur and award-winning communicator

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