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Get the Tamakkan BRANDED Stationery Toolkit – a set of professionally formatted and business ready documents, with your logo on it, to start, run, build, and take your business toward greater growth and success!

This high value business toolkit includes:

• Letterhead
• Business card
• InvoiceSample 1
• Quotation
• Purchase order
• Receiving order
• Minutes of the meeting
• Memo
• Document Cover
• Business letter – business development
• Business letter – new product
• Business letter – new service
• Business letter – collection
• Sales receipt

The Tamakkan BRANDED Stationery Toolkit comprises formatted documents that are easy to use and that are streamlined with your branding to achieve a professional identity and image. All are fully customizable documents that are of a high standard.

This kit will save you considerable time and money, as it is easy to deploy and use!
Modify your information by merely filling in the blanks, saving and printing/ emailing!
Why spend so much time and energy if you can get your business up and running immediately.

  • Save money from professional fees! No need for consultation and other professional fees. Grow your business by using reliable do-it-yourself business forms.
  • Develop professional identity! Image is key to any business! Display a corporate image with these consistent and professional formatted templates. You can even have them personalized with you own brand!
  • Save time! Turn days into hours, or even minutes! You don’t have to waste your precious time on developing your business essentials. Simply edit, fill-in the blanks and print or send by email!
  • Increase your productivity! With all the essential office ready business templates at the tip of your fingers, you and your team can do more in less time!
  • Communicate effectively! Avoid those poorly written content and improve overall communications with your clients, distributors, suppliers, investors or shareholders.

All of you have to do is place your order and send us your logo. You will have your ready toolkit in 48hours!

All for only Dh 3,000! 

Note: the cost shown is for fully designed, ready to use templates. Logo development and production are separately quoted: ask us for optimized branding design and printing rates.

Order now! contact 02 491 8624 or email at