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AbdulMuttalib al Hashimi

Managing Director | Founder TBH Consultancy
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Dick Cheatham once said “He who defines duty for himself is his own master”. The purpose of everything I do boils down to the following: Become a global ambassador of people in my country, help build home-grown successful businesses and empower people to become self-made success stories in the UAE.
In my current journey I am the Founder of TBH Consultancy, a People and Business Advisory firm based in Dubai. I am also the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Next Level Management Consultancy. My areas of focus are: EMPOWERING people and businesses to become successful in the UAE either via a mentoring, training and advisory approach, EMPOWER employers to drive their Emiratization strategy successfully, help people and businesses achieve cultural integration in the UAE. Finally I remain for the last 7 years a Headhunter of senior and highly talented Emirati nationals who I’ve been fortunate to befriend and help in finding fulfilling careers.

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